If you you are happy with the existing layout of your kitchen but are unhappy with the old outdated colours SilverFern can resurface that old kictchen or replace those old doors and supply new 2pac doors and 2pac on site all the unremovable fixed panels ,fit new handles and replace hinges if needed, with benchtop resurfaced in Flintstone you will have tthe look of a new kitchen a a fraction of the cost of a new one

Time to update your kitchen? Resurfacing is the cheaper, better alternative to new. Kitchens get a beating from everyday use. Chopping and appliance vibrations on benchtops, discolouration and moisture, steam and the heat from cooking… the kitchen cops it all. Plus an old fashioned kitchen colour scheme can really date your home. Without disturbing your kitchen, and within days, Superior Resurfacing can offer a way to revamp your kitchen by resurfacing the surfaces you already have, it is the perfect alternative to new. You’ll also be saving on landfill so kitchen resurfacing is a better environmental alternative.

Silverfern can also offer replacement new 2pac doors and new hinges.


You may be asking yourself how is benchtop resurfacing is done . How is it possible to make it look brand new? The process involves the application of a very hard and durable acrylic coating to the existing Top .This assures that the resurfaced top will be just as durable and just as pleasing to the eye as original benchtop. Our professionals value their work and do the best they can do bring you the maximum results.

For bench tops, SilverFern offers  a speciality coating, Flint Stone faux granite finish. This is a stone look of your choice, and creates a warm stone feel to the heart of your home – your kitchen.

Benchtops and vanity tops are prone to more wear and tear that the rest of your kitchen or bathroom.  If it is just your benchtops that look tired, resurfacing is the cheaper, better alternative to new.  With minimal disruption and less cost, resurfacing is a better alternative to new.  You’ll also be saving on landfill so benchtop resurfacing is a better environmental alternative.

 Resurfacing your benchtops with our Poly-Glass high gloss coating will give them a new lease of life. 

Choose from our wide range of designer colours for the look of granite or stone.

The clear top coat is hard as laminate and will cost a fraction of a new stone benchtop or stone overlay.

Choose to resurface your benchtop and say goodbye to the old stained, faded or scratched benchtop in your kitchen or bathroom.

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