Resurfacing  will correct:

  • Chips, Rust, or scratches.– Our resurfacing  process includes repairs to most problems.
  • Unattractive Colors– We can go from ANY color to ANY color!
  • Tile Problems– Resurfacing of all tiled walls to new. No more grout problems!
  • Dull Color– Finished tubs and shower have a brilliant, durable, and are easy to clean.
  • Save Time… 4-6 hrs to complete vs replacement of fixture which would take several days.

A bathroom is made up of surfaces that wear out due to water, heat, steam, and cleaning. This is general wear and tear for every bathroom. We use Napco PolyGlass™ Polyurethane. Like no other product on the market, it is cured in less than 4 hours meaning you can use your bathroom the same day.   It will not crack or yellow over time.  It is resilient to cracking during expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations and it also provides a surface which is harder than acrylic or enamel.  It also has excellent stain resistance and colour retention.

An added bonus when resurfacing your tiles is that our unique polyglass resin seals the grout lines making cleaning a breeze.

Resurfacing will modernise your bathroom and is great value for money.

Sometimes, all that you need to do to freshen up your kitchen or bathroom is to resurface your bench or vanity top

Bathrooms can be restored by resurfacing their surfaces.

Proper preparation is the key to a beautiful, long lasting finish. We begin by cleaning the bathtub, then we apply a safe etching solution on the porcelain or ceramic surface. This process deglosses the tub, making it microscopically porous. The primer and acrylic urethane topcoat flows into the tiny fissures created by the etch, increasing the bonding of the materials significantly. This process is similar to a dentist etching teeth before applying a porcelain veneer.

Resurfacing  your bathroom tiles and other surfaces is an economical and practical alternative to replacement. Buying new tile can be expensive and the process of removing and installing new tile is something you want to avoid for as long as possible

A new coating over the wall tiles, bath, shower base, shower tiles, basin, vanity and/or the cupboards will lift your bathroom to look like new again. The surface may have become porous, or you may not be happy with the colour of your fixtures. There is no need to strip out these items. Resurfacing can give you the best alternative to new. With up to less cost and completed in only a couple of days, the option of replacement is unnecessary.

Vanity doors can be resurfaced, and as a feature, your vanity top can be resurfaced with a stone look coating called Flintstone II.

Bathtub Refinishing vs. Bathtub Replacing

In the current economy you are probably thinking one thing – give me hard numbers. How much does it cost? Before we go into numbers, let’s just do an approximation. In order to refinish a bathtub, we need some basic tools, a professional refinisher and a can-do-attitude (free of charge).

To replace a bathtub, you would need to call in a professional tile setter, a new bathtub, new vanities, a plumber, an electrician, and numerous permits from your local government. That’s also not taking into account the noise, dirt and other nuisances that go hand-in-hand with remodelling projects. Now, let’s do some number crunching.

It is a no-brainer that it is a lot cheaper to hire a professional refinishing service. We do the job for a fraction of the cost. Here is the biggest difference and one of the biggest benefits of professional bathtub refinishing over bathtub replacing – you don’t have to be without a shower for long! With a replacement service, you will have days without a working shower. With a our refinishing service, it will take approximately 4 hours to complete everything and you will be able to use your bathroom in 24 hours after we refinished it!


Resurfaced tubs or ceramic tiles can easily last 15 to 20 years or more with proper maintenance. A new porcelain bathtub may last a few years longer, but the cost of replacement is nearly triple what it would cost to refinish. Not only is resurfacing more cost-effective, but refinishers are also able to provide extras, such as custom colors. Resurfacing is also great for repairing small chips and cracks, making it ideal for fixtures that are otherwise in good condition. Professional restoration companies like Silver Fern Resurfacing guarantee their work, so be sure to ask about warranties when shopping for a resurfacing. Replacing old fixtures like the tub and tiles can be expensive and difficult. But even if you’re remodeling on a budget, you don’t have to live with old or ugly fixtures any longer. If the surfaces are made of porcelain, ceramic tile, fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble or laminate, you can now update your bathroom and save time and money.

Stone Finishes (Vanity Tops)

Compare the natural look and proven performance of a Flinstone finish to expensive granite.

As it is applied, Flintstone forms a tough durable finish the provides superior protection for many years against impacts and abrasions that can shorten the life span of traditional laminate surfaces. The combination of quality and low cost makes Flintstone the best value for your remodeling dollar.
Another advantage of Flintstone non-porous finish is that it is highly resistant to acids and stains. Plus, you will never have to recondition or seal with Flinstone unlike real stone surfaces. Flinstone retains its natural luster and is simply cleaned with soap and water.

Saves Time

Resufacing a Bath can take as little as four hours. You can shower or bathe the very next day. Replacing a tub, however, can take weeks, when you factor in the time to rip out your old tub, install a new one, let caulking dry, and readjust or replace plumbing. With many homes having only one bathtub, weeks of delay are not affordable, practical or convenient.


Technical Information

Bath re-enamelling involves a time consuming tehnical process. Hopefully you will find answers to any queries here but if not please don’t hesitate to contact me. Description An extremely advanced system of restoring enamel glaze on worn or damaged baths by use of state-of-the-art resurfacing technology. The process can be carried out with the bath plumbed in and taps and drain fitted. So if your bath is already in place – we leave it exactly where it is! It is advisable to have any other work being done in the bathroom completed beforehand (where possible) to prevent other workmen damaging the new surface with tools such as hammers, wrenches etc. (It has been known). We come in at the end, so to speak.


The basic procedure has 10 steps:

  1. Remove all limescale, rusting and stains etc.
  2. Thoroughly clean old surface to remove all dirt and greases
  3. Repair and infill chips and pitting to ensure as smooth a surface as possible
  4. Mask tiles, taps, waste, overflow and around bath area
  5. Room preparation (dust sheeting, ventilation, dust retardation etc.)
  6. Apply one application Adhesion promoter to prepared surface
  7. Apply two applications of Adhesion Coating
  8. Apply four applications of the Re-coating and allow to touch dry
  9. Remove all masking and dust protection
  10. Polish (if necessary)

Final Appearance

Deep gloss, “wet look” finish.

Chemical Resistance

Much more chemically resistant than original bath enamel to mild acid cleaners. Also resistant to alcohol, lime scale remover, bath salts and bubble bath.


Adhesion is a critical aspect of vitreous enamel restoration. For maximum durability we employ two separate adhesionsystems. One operates specifically on the glazed areas of the bath giving a chemical adhesion whilst the second (I call it “The Super Glue”) provides a waterproof barrier to protect the entire bonding stage. The bond is heat and water-resistant to prevent any separation between the old and the new surfaces.


The coating we use is Mega-Fast Poly-Glass developed by the American company NAPCO. NAPCO’s Mega-Fast Poly-Glass is an Alphatic coating that provides a surface harder than enamel or acrylic and yet is flexible enough to withstand the impact of dropped objects. This resilience is essential to its durability and long wear. The coating also provides terrific stain resistance and colour retention and, thanks to Poly-Glass resin’s high Titanium Dioxide content, it provides a brilliant bright, white surface. Hardening Time

Can be used after 24hrs.

Surface Life

The overall longevity of a coating will depend to some extent on how it is cared for – this is the same as would be the case for a new bath. However, you should expect to get 10/15 years and more if the bath is looked after properly as we recommend. We have many customers who are still happy with their baths after 20 years even though the materials we used in those days were far inferior to those we use to-day.

Changing Market

There has been a definite swing in the market over the last 10 years brought about by people’s increased appreciation of the quality of cast iron and pressed steel baths. Back in the 1980’s and 90’s the trend was to repace existing baths with plastic ones. Basically this was because it wasn’t generally known that their existing good quality baths that had sustained surface damage could be restored and resurfaced almost to new. It was only where the customer who appreciated what they already had and didn’t want to replace it with plastic actively looked to find an alternative and found “re-enamelling”. Now times have changed and it is now more usual to restore a bath in a bathroom where everything else has been changed except the bath. The existing bath is being kept while all else is being replaced. This is found even where the original bath is coloured and the customer wishes to change to white. Change the toilet and basin for white and we will change your bath to white as well – it’s magic. Bath Magic.

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