A bathroom is made up of surfaces that wear out due to water, heat, steam, and cleaning. This is general wear and tear…



If you you are happy with the existing layout of your kitchen but are unhappy with the old outdated colours SilverFern…



You may be asking yourself how is benchtop resurfacing is done . How is it possible to make it look brand new?

Kitchen Benchtop Refinishing – Why Replace It When It Only Needs A New Look?

When damage is scattered over the benchtop, the finish is worn, or a color change is desired, it is more economical and efficient to refinish the benchtops existing laminate. Benchtops can be refinished in a matter of hours without the mess of a replacement job and at significant cost savings over replacement. The longevity of the refinished benchtop should be equivalent to or exceed that of the original countertop.

FLINTSTONE – Compare the beauty, natural look and proven performance of FLINTSTONE finishe to expensive granite.

As it is applied, FLINTSTONE forms a tough durable finish the provides superior protection for many years against impacts and abrasions that can shorten the life span of traditional laminate surfaces. The combination of quality and low cost makes FLINTSTONE the best value for your remodeling dollar.
Another advantage of FLINTSTONE non-porous finish is that it is highly resistant to acids and stains. Plus, you will never have to recondition or seal with FLINSTONE, unlike real stone surfaces. FLINTSTONE retains its natural luster and is simply cleaned with soap and water.


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